The Big Kahuana    (Big K) (Sumotori)


The Big Kahuna was the neighborhood sperm-donor, this four year old-has two names:  Big Kahuna or Sumotori.  At 15 plus pounds, the SafeHaven Vet say's "he is all muscle",  He took over the role of protector of the neighborhood kittens when momma went off to have some fun.  He'd walk the kittens to the feeding station, watch them play and chase away other cats when they came too close.

At SafeHaven  Kahuan calmed down, loves to be scratched, and loves being the role model to his son. 

The Big K was adopted

Yes, I was the lucky one who adopted the Big Kahuana.  When I first met him, he squinted his eyes.  He now has them wide opened and he loves to talk.  His huge jowls are slowly going down and it gives him a different look.  However, he is still the protector of the young even those who are not his own.  I recently rescued two young kittens and he looks after them and cleans them up and yes, he still,  just like his days on the street, makes sure they eat first.  He is quite the guard dog and has moved onto a new career. 

I did not know how he would feel about being a show cat because this was a big change in his life from the streets to competing in the ring.  First, he had to have a bath.  Now, a cat as big as he is was a challenge but he is so sweet, he would never bite or scratch.  The difference in his coat was miraculous.  My Veterinarian was so surprised by the change in him since his bath.  Well, the first big test was the show hall.  Lots of people, lots of other cats, lots going on.  His show cage is an all American theme for an all American guy.  And of Course,. he looks great in his New England Patriot's bed.  The expressions on people's faces when they saw him was amazing.  He handled well when judged which was surprising for his first outing.  He was very receptive to his new career.  As his Aunt Rae said one door closes and amazingly another one opens. 


Pictured above:  The Big K being awarded with the Best HHP Award

The Big K's second show was in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada.  The border crossing was easy.  The Show in Montreal is probably one of the largest Pet Shows in the World and has thousands and thousands of spectators at the show.  For the Big K's sake, we took him from judges to judges ring in a pet stroller and it was not long when The Big K would jump up into his judging cage and then when he was done being judged jumped back in his stroller.  He seemed to enjoy this and was very comfortable.


    THE BIG KAHUANA JANUARY 23-24(L). NH, DOVER: Dover Middle School, 16 Daley Drive. New Hampshire