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As you can see I am a lover of cats. These are some of my Oriental Shorthair show cats.Hope you enjoy them and please e-mail me if you have any questions.

"GERONIMO (99-2000)7th Best In Northeast Region

An Oriental Shorthair looks like a Siamese, sounds like a Siamese, acts like a Siamese- but isn't a Siamese. It comes in a rainbow of cat colors and patterns.

The Oriental Shorthair has it's beginnings staged entirely in the 20th Century and mostly within the last four decades. The Oriental Shorthair is a hybrid of the Siamese. While many breeds share a Siamese heritage, the Oriental is intended to look exactly like a Siamese but with a full range of body color and pattern that is not restricted to the extremities.

The Oriental can trace it's beginnings to two distinctive surges in breeding activity. The first occured in Great Britian in the early 1950's. The second surge occured in the United States in the early 1970's. Multigeneration pedigrees of some Orientals show Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthairs. The rich variety of genes inherited from other breeds, combined with a solid Siamese heritage, have produced the unmistakable extreme body and type of the Siamese with a colorful paint job. Once you see an Oriental Shorthair, you'll never forget it.

The most outstanding feature of the Oriental Shorthair is it's beautiful coat. Orientals come in nine base colors with six possible color combinations, or parti-colors. Each color can then be mixed and matched with a pattern: solid, shaded, smoke or a variety of tabby combinations. In addition to the base colors, Orientals often come in pointed patterns similar to the Colorpoint Shorthair or Siamese color descriptions, add in an additional 20 color possibilities to the other known 155 variations.

The Oriental Shorthair is a culmination of diversity, specialty, new frontiers and solid foundations rolling into a giant genetics laboratory.

The Oriental Shorthair is colorful not only in its coat but in its personality, too. The cats are closely linked to people they claim as their own. They desperately want to share their lives with you. In busy moments, they'll find ways to interrupt your activities: a little nudge while you eat, a close examination of your tooth brush prior to use or some help tying your shoes. It's understood you'll need help deciding which items to select from the refrigerator! In calm times, they'll share the warmth of your lap, providing a comfortable purr and nuzzle your chin when you need it most.

Oriental Shorthairs eagerly greet you at the door and tell you all about their day. If you're late, they'll scold you and tell you how worried they were you didn't call. Think you can hide the feather toy on top of the refrigerator? Think again! Curiosity and intelligence combine in the Oriental Shorthair, providing the cat a means of finding anything and everything. The cats have been known to open drawers or empty purses to discover their favorite toy. It might be a pen or a crumpled piece of paper that they can chase around the kitchen floor. They have also been known to play fetch and jump in your arms.

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